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1. terms and definitions 

The terms used in this document and their definitions are defined below.

Customer - The person who receives the rights to use the software

User -. A person who benefits from the software while using it.

The developer is. STIC PRO LLC, which performs task development (including requirements analysis, design, acceptance testing) during the life cycle.

2. general information 

This document contains a description of the processes that ensure the maintenance of the software life cycle, including troubleshooting identified during the operation of the software, improvement of the software, as well as information about the personnel. 

Full name of the software: Shtab (hereinafter referred to as "System"). 

The System Life Cycle 

The active life cycle consists of development, operation and maintenance (technical support) during the operation phase. Maintenance of the System life cycle is carried out by maintaining the System and includes upgrades of the System, according to its roadmap, and consultations on the use and integration with the Customer's systems.  

The following services are provided as part of technical support:  

  • assistance in integration and configuration of the System;  
  • help in finding and correcting problems in case of errors during the System operation;  
  • explanation of System functionality, assistance in System operation;  
  • Providing up-to-date documentation on System setup/operations. 

3.1 Modes of System operation 

To ensure smooth operation of the System, the Developer maintains the following technological zones: 

  • Technological zone of industrial operation (Prod-environment). Provides operation of the System in normal mode - in continuous operation mode.
  • Technology testing and quality assurance zone (UAT environment). Designed for testing the installation process of new versions of the System components and performing load tests. After testing procedures, the Developer installs a new version of the System in the Prod-environment.
  • Technological development area (Dev environment). It is used to install versions of the System under development. After passing the basic checks, these versions are transferred to the UAT-environment. 

3.2 Development of the System

The system is regularly developed according to the roadmap: new additional functionalities appear in it and the load of resources is optimized. 

The user of the System can influence the improvement of the System. To do this, you must send a proposal for improvement to the technical support email at The proposal will be reviewed and, if found to be effective, appropriate changes will be made. 

3.3 Technical support for the System 

Technical support of Users is provided by e-mail, as well as the corresponding section on the website  

Specialists providing technical support for the System must have the following knowledge and skills:  

  • PC skills at the specialist level;  
  • Knowledge of the System functionality and features of working with it. 

Information about System personnel 

The System staff includes the following groups: 

  • Customer's technical personnel - personnel who perform work to support integration of the System with the Customer's information systems; 
  • technical personnel (administrators) of the System - personnel who perform work to maintain the System operability.  

To work with the System, the Customer's technical personnel should study the System user manuals. 

System administrators must have sufficient competence to maintain the servers and database in proper condition and perform routine preventive maintenance.